The following encodings are supported by the Language Detection API.

Please use the encoding name listed in the first column (Encoding) when you specify an encoding parameter in your API request.

Encoding Aliases
Big5 csBig5
Big5-HKSCS big5-hkscs:unicode3.0, Big5_HKSCS, big5-hkscs, big5hkscs, big5hk
EUC-JP eucjis, Extended_UNIX_Code_Packed_Format_for_Japanese, x-eucjp, eucjp, csEUCPkdFmtjapanese, euc_jp, x-euc-jp
EUC-KR 5601, ksc5601-1987, ksc5601_1987, euckr, ksc5601, ksc_5601, ks_c_5601-1987, euc_kr, csEUCKR
GB18030 gb18030-2000
GB2312 euc-cn, x-EUC-CN, gb2312-1980, gb2312, gb2312-80, euccn, EUC_CN
GBK CP936, windows-936
IBM-Thai 838, cp838, ibm838, ibm-838
IBM00858 cp858, ccsid00858, 858, cp00858
IBM01140 ccsid01140, cp01140, 1140, cp1140
IBM01141 cp1141, ccsid01141, cp01141, 1141
IBM01142 cp01142, cp1142, 1142, ccsid01142
IBM01143 cp01143, 1143, ccsid01143, cp1143
IBM01144 cp01144, cp1144, ccsid01144, 1144
IBM01145 cp1145, cp01145, ccsid01145, 1145
IBM01146 ccsid01146, cp01146, cp1146, 1146
IBM01147 ccsid01147, cp1147, 1147, cp01147
IBM01148 cp1148, ccsid01148, 1148, cp01148
IBM01149 cp1149, cp01149, ccsid01149, 1149
IBM037 cs-ebcdic-cp-nl, 037, cp037, ebcdic-cp-nl, ibm-37, ebcdic-cp-wt, cs-ebcdic-cp-us, ebcdic-cp-ca, cs-ebcdic-cp-wt, csIBM037, ibm-037, cs-ebcdic-cp-ca, cpibm37, ibm037, ebcdic-cp-us
IBM1026 cp1026, ibm-1026, 1026, ibm1026
IBM1047 cp1047, 1047, ibm-1047
IBM273 ibm-273, ibm273, cp273, 273
IBM277 cp277, 277, ibm-277, ibm277
IBM278 cp278, ebcdic-cp-se, 278, ibm278, ebcdic-sv, ibm-278, csIBM278
IBM280 280, ibm-280, cp280, ibm280
IBM284 cpibm284, csIBM284, ibm284, cp284, 284, ibm-284
IBM285 ibm285, ebcdic-cp-gb, cpibm285, cp285, csIBM285, ebcdic-gb, 285, ibm-285
IBM297 cp297, ibm297, 297, cpibm297, ebcdic-cp-fr, ibm-297, csIBM297
IBM420 ibm420, cp420, 420, ibm-420, csIBM420, ebcdic-cp-ar1
IBM424 csIBM424, ibm-424, ibm424, cp424, ebcdic-cp-he, 424
IBM437 ibm-437, windows-437, cspc8codepage437, 437, ibm437, cp437
IBM500 ibm-500, ebcdic-cp-bh, cp500, csIBM500, ibm500, ebcdic-cp-ch, 500
IBM775 ibm-775, cp775, ibm775, 775
IBM850 ibm-850, cp850, 850, cspc850multilingual, ibm850
IBM852 ibm852, csPCp852, 852, ibm-852, cp852
IBM855 cspcp855, 855, ibm855, ibm-855, cp855
IBM857 csIBM857, 857, ibm-857, cp857, ibm857
IBM860 860, cp860, ibm-860, csIBM860, ibm860
IBM861 861, cp-is, ibm-861, cp861, csIBM861, ibm861
IBM862 ibm-862, ibm862, csIBM862, cp862, cspc862latinhebrew, 862
IBM863 ibm863, csIBM863, cp863, 863, ibm-863
IBM864 csIBM864, ibm864, 864, cp864, ibm-864
IBM865 csIBM865, ibm865, 865, ibm-865, cp865
IBM866 866, ibm-866, ibm866, csIBM866, cp866
IBM868 868, ibm-868, cp868, csIBM868, cp-ar, ibm868
IBM869 869, ibm-869, cp869, csIBM869, cp-gr, ibm869
IBM870 ibm-870, ebcdic-cp-roece, ebcdic-cp-yu, ibm870, csIBM870, cp870, 870
IBM871 ibm-871, 871, ebcdic-cp-is, cp871, csIBM871, ibm871
IBM918 cp918, ebcdic-cp-ar2, ibm-918, 918
ISO-2022-CN ISO2022CN, csISO2022CN
ISO-2022-JP jis_encoding, csjisencoding, jis, iso2022jp, csISO2022JP
ISO-2022-JP-2 csISO2022JP2, iso2022jp2
ISO-2022-KR csISO2022KR, ISO2022KR
ISO-8859-1 csISOLatin1, IBM-819, iso-ir-100, 8859_1, ISO_8859-1, l1, ISO8859-1, ISO_8859_1, cp819, ISO8859_1, latin1, ISO_8859-1:1987, 819, IBM819
ISO-8859-13 8859_13, iso8859_13, iso_8859-13, ISO8859-13
ISO-8859-15 IBM923, 8859_15, ISO_8859-15, ISO-8859-15, L9, ISO8859-15, ISO8859_15_FDIS, 923, LATIN0, csISOlatin9, LATIN9, csISOlatin0, IBM-923, ISO8859_15, cp923
ISO-8859-2 iso-ir-101, csISOLatin2, ibm-912, 8859_2, l2, ISO_8859-2, ibm912, 912, ISO8859-2, latin2, iso8859_2, ISO_8859-2:1987, cp912
ISO-8859-3 ibm-913, csISOLatin3, iso-ir-109, l3, 8859_3, ibm913, ISO_8859-3, ISO8859-3, 913, latin3, iso8859_3, ISO_8859-3:1988, cp913
ISO-8859-4 iso-ir-110, iso8859-4, ibm914, ibm-914, l4, csISOLatin4, 914, 8859_4, latin4, ISO_8859-4, ISO_8859-4:1988, iso8859_4, cp914
ISO-8859-5 cp915, ISO8859-5, ibm915, ISO_8859-5:1988, ibm-915, 8859_5, 915, cyrillic, iso8859_5, ISO_8859-5, iso-ir-144, csISOLatinCyrillic
ISO-8859-6 arabic, ibm1089, iso8859_6, iso-ir-127, 8859_6, cp1089, ECMA-114, ISO_8859-6, csISOLatinArabic, ibm-1089, 1089, ISO8859-6, ASMO-708, ISO_8859-6:1987
ISO-8859-7 iso8859-7, sun_eu_greek, csISOLatinGreek, 813, ISO_8859-7, ISO_8859-7:1987, ibm-813, greek, greek8, iso8859_7, ECMA-118, iso-ir-126, 8859_7, cp813, ibm813, ELOT_928
ISO-8859-8 ibm916, cp916, csISOLatinHebrew, ISO_8859-8, ISO8859-8, ibm-916, iso8859_8, hebrew, 916, iso-ir-138, ISO_8859-8:1988, 8859_8
ISO-8859-9 ISO_8859-9, 920, iso8859_9, csISOLatin5, l5, 8859_9, latin5, ibm920, iso-ir-148, ISO_8859-9:1989, ISO8859-9, cp920, ibm-920
JIS_X0201 JIS0201, JIS_X0201, X0201, csHalfWidthKatakana
JIS_X0212-1990 csISO159JISX02121990, x0212, jis_x0212-1990, iso-ir-159, JIS0212
KOI8-R cskoi8r, koi8_r, koi8
KOI8-U koi8_u
Shift_JIS x-sjis, shift_jis, sjis, ms_kanji, shift-jis, csShiftJIS
TIS-620 tis620.2533, tis620
US-ASCII cp367, ascii7, ISO646-US, 646, csASCII, us, iso_646.irv:1983, ISO_646.irv:1991, IBM367, ASCII, default, ANSI_X3.4-1986, ANSI_X3.4-1968, iso-ir-6
UTF-16 utf16, UTF_16, UnicodeBig, unicode
UTF-16BE X-UTF-16BE, UTF_16BE, ISO-10646-UCS-2, UnicodeBigUnmarked
UTF-16LE UnicodeLittleUnmarked, UTF_16LE, X-UTF-16LE
UTF-32 UTF_32, UTF32
UTF-8 UTF8, unicode-1-1-utf-8
windows-1250 cp1250, cp5346
windows-1251 ansi-1251, cp5347, cp1251
windows-1252 cp1252, cp5348
windows-1253 cp1253, cp5349
windows-1254 cp1254, cp5350
windows-1255 cp1255
windows-1256 cp1256
windows-1257 cp1257, cp5353
windows-1258 cp1258
windows-31j csWindows31J, windows-932, MS932
x-Big5-Solaris Big5_Solaris
x-COMPOUND_TEXT x-compound-text, COMPOUND_TEXT, x11-compound_text
x-euc-jp-linux euc-jp-linux, euc_jp_linux
x-EUC-TW euc_tw, EUC-TW, cns11643, euctw
x-eucJP-Open EUC_JP_Solaris, eucJP-open
x-IBM1006 cp1006, ibm-1006, ibm1006, 1006
x-IBM1025 cp1025, ibm-1025, 1025, ibm1025
x-IBM1046 ibm-1046, cp1046, ibm1046, 1046
x-IBM1097 cp1097, 1097, ibm-1097, ibm1097
x-IBM1098 ibm-1098, cp1098, ibm1098, 1098
x-IBM1112 ibm-1112, 1112, ibm1112, cp1112
x-IBM1122 cp1122, ibm-1122, 1122, ibm1122
x-IBM1123 cp1123, ibm-1123, 1123, ibm1123
x-IBM1124 cp1124, ibm-1124, 1124, ibm1124
x-IBM1381 ibm1381, cp1381, ibm-1381, 1381
x-IBM1383 cp1383, 1383, ibm1383, ibm-1383
x-IBM33722 ibm33722, 33722, ibm-33722_vascii_vpua, ibm-5050, ibm-33722, cp33722
x-IBM737 cp737, ibm-737, 737, ibm737
x-IBM834 ibm834, ibm-834, cp834
x-IBM856 856, cp856, ibm-856, ibm856
x-IBM874 cp874, ibm874, 874, ibm-874
x-IBM875 ibm875, 875, cp875, ibm-875
x-IBM921 cp921, ibm921, ibm-921, 921
x-IBM922 ibm922, ibm-922, cp922, 922
x-IBM930 cp930, ibm930, ibm-930, 930
x-IBM933 cp933, 933, ibm933, ibm-933
x-IBM935 ibm935, cp935, 935, ibm-935
x-IBM937 ibm-937, cp937, 937, ibm937
x-IBM939 ibm-939, ibm939, cp939, 939
x-IBM942 ibm-942, ibm942, cp942, 942
x-IBM942C 942C, ibm942C, cp942C, ibm-942C
x-IBM943 943, ibm-943, cp943, ibm943
x-IBM943C ibm-943C, 943C, cp943C, ibm943C
x-IBM948 ibm948, ibm-948, cp948, 948
x-IBM949 ibm949, ibm-949, 949, cp949
x-IBM949C cp949C, 949C, ibm-949C, ibm949C
x-IBM950 950, ibm950, cp950, ibm-950
x-IBM964 964, cp964, ibm-964, ibm964
x-IBM970 970, ibm-970, ibm970, cp970, ibm-eucKR
x-ISCII91 iso-ir-153, ST_SEV_358-88, ISCII91, iscii, csISO153GOST1976874
x-ISO-2022-CN-CNS ISO-2022-CN-CNS, ISO2022CN_CNS
x-ISO-2022-CN-GB ISO-2022-CN-GB, ISO2022CN_GB
x-iso-8859-11 iso-8859-11, iso8859_11
x-JIS0208 JIS_X0208-1983, x0208, JIS0208, JIS_C6226-1983, iso-ir-87, csISO87JISX0208
x-JISAutoDetect JISAutoDetect
x-Johab ksc5601_1992, ms1361, ksc5601-1992, johab
x-MacArabic MacArabic
x-MacCentralEurope MacCentralEurope
x-MacCroatian MacCroatian
x-MacCyrillic MacCyrillic
x-MacDingbat MacDingbat
x-MacGreek MacGreek
x-MacHebrew MacHebrew
x-MacIceland MacIceland
x-MacRoman MacRoman
x-MacRomania MacRomania
x-MacSymbol MacSymbol
x-MacThai MacThai
x-MacTurkish MacTurkish
x-MacUkraine MacUkraine
x-mswin-936 ms936, ms_936
x-PCK pck
x-UTF-16LE-BOM UnicodeLittle
x-windows-50220 cp50220, ms50220
x-windows-50221 ms50221, cp50221
x-windows-874 ms-874, ms874, windows-874
x-windows-949 windows-949, ms_949, windows949, ms949
x-windows-950 ms950, windows-950
x-windows-iso2022jp windows-iso2022jp

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